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IOT Field Notes: Three Distinct Flavors

As I work with internal BUs and product lines, and connect externally with hardware, software, and services vendors, I get the sense that people are enrolling in three distinct schools of thought when thinking and talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s impact on their business. It very much helps the conversation when […]

IoT Field Notes – Whiteboard Wireframing

I’ve written about the Lean Startup methodology, and talk a lot about it internally and externally. It has proven valuable many times, as a way for a business unit to slowly, gently get into the IoT game; building MVP-style Proof of Concept mobile apps, web pages, and machine learning models to help illustrate our product […]

Run to the Toughest Problems

Hey, let’s start the Next Big Project! Well, I don’t know … with every Big Project*, you can pretty much predict what’s going to happen; something Bad** … * You know what I mean by “Big Project” – one of those highly visible, big budget affairs that will end up changing a lot of people’s […]

IoT Field Notes: Who are you Disrupting?

Much has been written of the power of the Internet of Things to introduce disruption into established industries – and this is often where the conversation will go (when introducing the idea of slapping sensors on mature machines). But are you really digging into the breadth and depths of this potential disruption? Consider these examples, […]

One for Practice

Have you ever been in this situation? A large project was looming, and the Powers That Be want to dive in head first. This recent and very large acquisition (30% of our size when we bought it) needed to be integrated into our supply chain and distribution network; the customers were demanding it, and we […]

The Next Next Big Thing

Part of my job has always dealt with looking into the future and trying to discern important trends that may impact our business. I think I see the next big thing on the way – folks are talking about it now, but I’m not sure enough people in digital roles are thinking about the implications […]

Recommended reading for the week (Internet of Things edition) …

A semi-recurring feature – this time, focusing on my latest internal initiative re: the Internet of Things. Some items that I think are worth your time, sourced from a variety of places around the ‘net – I’ll try to give credit for the recommendations where it is due. Some of these are older, some quite […]

First Month with the Surface Pro 3

I haven’t written one of these hands-on hardware / software evaluation posts for some time – it’s not that kind of blog, really – but I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my Surface Pro 3, and this is an easy way to let many folks know the answers. Also – I am making […]

Empathy Skills for the Transformational Leader

Last weekend, I went on my first long-distance motorcycle ride. Sounds harmless – kind of like saying “last weekend, we went live on our new ERP”. And over the course of the three-day ride, I found myself thinking about the parallels as I went through a range of feelings including excitement, frustration, self-doubt, tedium, second […]

When Will the Internet of Things Get On Your Radar Screen?

This is the season when many companies review their Strategic Plans for the coming years. For a diversified manufacturer, it is a pretty intense process – up to 50 separate sessions, 80+ presenters, almost 500MB of detail (ok, I’ll admit there were a few videos in there …) in the past week. I’m not complaining […]