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20 November, 2016

The Five Core Components of a Great Digital Business

When transforming into a Digital Business, stay away from technology specifics and concerns about control. Focus on identifying the critical areas of your business that can and should leverage connection, collaboration, and intelligence. (First in a series)

5 March, 2017

Digital Business and Products: Changing the Game in a Big Way

The changing nature of ‘product’ is disrupting industry in completely different ways than innovations from the past. This component of your Great Digital Business is often the catalyst – and here are some ways to think how it will connect with other Digital efforts in your business. (Part of a series)

10 April, 2017

Digital Business and Data: The Critical Connective Tissue

What makes Data an especially difficult – and valuable – component of your Great Digital Business? Here’s a hint: don’t leave data management solely in the hands of your tech teams in IT, Finance, and Marketing – the big payoffs will come when you involve Human Resources. (Part of a series)